Dollars in your Pocket

Schedule and Fees

Dollars in your Pocket group sessions will start in June

Many banks and other concerns offer their clients 50% discounts for our sessions - call us to find out more.

If you need to sort out your finances now, and can't afford to wait for a workshop, we can arrange a private session for you now. 

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Cashflow and profitability

In one day, you will analyze your cashflow, understand how you can make more profit and plan actions to optimize it.

We optimize your profitability.

The morning will be spent on creating an excel spreadsheet that predicts the financial dynamics of your company for the next 3 years.

The afternoon will be spent analyzing your cash flow and profitability to arrive at new ideas on how to optimize them.

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Session Deliverables

  Financial management spreadsheets
  Cash flow projections
  Profitability plans
  Action list

What to bring

Management accounts
Checkbook, bank & credit statements
Invoice &order books
Payment records
Pricing models
Cell phone &laptop

Before the Session
You will fill out a questionnaire about your company and products. 
We will use the information you provide to make a first draft of the spreadsheet.