Know your Market 

Schedule and Fees

Know your Market  group sessions will begin June.

Many banks and other concerns offer their clients 50% discounts for our sessions - call us to find out more.

If you need to understand your markets and can't afford to wait for a group session, we can an arrange a private session for you now. 

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Survey your market in a day

In one day, you can gain powerful knowledge about your target market.  Using carefully-crafted, short telephone surveys, you can find improvements on your existing products, or explore entirely new markets.

We give you professional support

During the morning, we will help you identify potential customer types, establish why your products would interest them, design a 4 to 5 question survey and get a list of potential candidates.

In the afternoon, you will undertake the surveys and we will help you analyze the results.

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Session Deliverables

Survey questionnaire
Potential sales candidates
Survey results & analysis
New insights 

What to bring

Product descriptions
Copies of trade literature
Cell phone & laptop

Before the Session
You will fill out a questionnaire regarding your products and prospective markets.