Selling a Million to 1 

Schedule and Fees

Selling a Million to One  group sessions will begin June.

Many banks and other concerns offer their clients 50% discounts for our sessions - call us to find out more.

If you need to establish strategic relationships and can't afford to wait for a group session, we can an arrange a private session for you now. 

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Establish strategic relationships in a day

Is it better to sell to a million people or sell a million products to one person?

Developing strategic relationships can be the key for exponential growth, acquisition planning and finding investors. But with whom should your business connect? What company or persons have the best mix for maximium value?

We give you professional support

We will help you reach-out to those who have the greatest potential for your business. In this hands-on session, we will not only identify the names of potential strategic partners, we will teach you how to grab their attention and communicate your values to them.

During the session, we will help you identify your goals, prioritize candidates, then initiate contact with one of them. You will create a plan that will get your teams together fast to focus on mutual goals.

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Session Deliverables

Names of potential candidates
Goals for each relationship
Initiate communication with a candidate
Plan for developing that relationship

What to bring

Business & marketing plans
Lists of competitors
Copies of trade literature
Cell phone & laptop

Before the Session
You will fill out a questionnaire regarding your products and prospective markets.