Make a Buzz

Schedule and Fees

Make a Buzz group sessions are being offered on the following days:

Many banks and other concerns offer their clients 50% discounts for our sessions - call us to find out more.

If you need to get your PR out now and can't afford to wait for a group session, we can arrange a private session for you now. 

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Promote your company and products

In one day, you will plan your PR and begin its implementation.

We help you get recognized

These days, you need more sales but have a smaller budget.

You need to reach more people for less - and this is where Asendex comes in.

You need to be in touch with prospective customers when they need your products. Getting them to remember you and your products is essential.

This one-day session shows you how to get publicity and improve your brand recognition for little or no cost. You will identify your key markets and write down the actions needed to reach them. In the afternoon, you will begin taking action, supported by our experts in marketing communications.

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Session Deliverables

   Description of key markets
   PR Action Plan
   Promotional literature
   Mailing list

What to bring

Digital logo,
photos, diagrams
Digital copies of any trade literature
Cell phone & laptop

Before the Session
You will fill out a questionnaire about your company and its products.